Participant Experience



Past participants consistently report that this program has inspired and improved their clinical practice and outcomes. Here are a few comments from recent attendees:

“This course has influenced my practice in many ways: the work up and evaluation of ILD; management of septic shock; fluids, vasopressors, and sedation; therapeutic hypothermia; immunotherapy options in pulmonary disease and lung cancer; indications for surgical lung biopsy; GERD and lung disease; COPD updates.”

“Each of the lectures had pivotal information in them—the speakers are the best physicians in the world.”

I have updated many practices after taking this course: how to approach prognostication of the outcome when talking to families; how to treat pulmonary hypertension; how to treat sepsis; how to follow up on lung nodules; how to treat lung cancer.”

I am clinic based, and I have changed my habits with prescribing inhalers for COPD, workups for GERD, referrals for CTs, etc.”

“My management of patients with OSA for bariatric surgery has improved.”

“The presenters represented the very best minds (and personalities) of academic medicine.”

“I have made adjustments in the way I manage sepsis, pay closer attention to occupational lung diseases, and take more lung biopsies in the ICU.”

“All the information presented was cutting edge and applicable to my practice.”

“The diagnostic and treatment algorithms presented in the course, as well as the meet the professor sessions, were outstanding.”

“This course has helped me to manage certain clinical conditions better, like cough, sarcoidosis, IPF.”

“This course has heightened my attention to GERD Rx, increased my understanding of HiFlo utility and its issues, and has increased my attention to FVC response in COPD.”

“After taking this course, I use ultrasound guidance in all interventional approaches—especially aspirations—and I have improved my approach to insertion of central vascular accesses.”

“I have organized a pulmonary embolus protocol at my hospital.”

“All of the presenters provided documented clinical trials for meta-analyses to support recommendations.”

I have made practice changes in fluid resuscitation in septic patients; fever prevention in neurologic injuries; evaluation/management in GERD when treating lung disease; and in evaluating my choice of treatment in TED.”

“An exceptional part of this course is the access to the lecturers; it is easy to ask questions and get good answers that are applicable to my practice.”

“This course has updated my approach to GERD, pulmonary hypertension, exercise dyspnea and immunotherapy.”

“Taking in the clinical wisdom from a sage professor who has seen it all and who can incorporate the new clinical data into a more meaningful, bigger picture is why I came to this course.”

"This course has induced many changes—specifically, my approach to ICU patients requiring mechanical ventilation; sedation; patients affected by sepsis; utilization of diagnostic ultrasound; and interventional pulmonology practices."

"I have updated my treatment of pneumonia/COPD, my consideration of patients for lung transplantation evaluation, how I treat thrombotic events, inhaler management, overnight oximetry testing, and GERD."

"Consequent to new knowledge gained in the course, I have made several changes, particularly in the management of sepsis and ARDS."

"The consistent effort of presenters in this course to bring the most current valid information to bear upon real time practice was outstanding."

"I have updated patient work-ups including labs and interviews; increased scrutiny of CT scan; updated ultrasound techniques; am encouraging local development of cardiopulmonary exercise testing."

"All of the presenters in this program were really exceptional—engaging, sometimes funny, informed."

"I have integrated several takeaway points into my practice regarding sepsis, anticoagulation, consideration of GERD in recurrent pulmonary disease, and palliative care."

"I enjoyed every course presentation and the tailoring of content to the practicing pulmonary/CC physician."